All challengers will receive…

Individualised Challenge Plan

As the start of The May Challenge, every challenger will fill out a goal descriptor questionnaire. Our team will then devise a bespoke plan for your challenge to ensure you see results.

Nutritional Pack

The nutrition pack is an easy to follow tool, which when tailored for you will ensure you eat nutrient dense, clean nutrition that will balance blood sugar, prevent cravings, boost energy levels and improve body composition. Guaranteed results through healthy eating.

FREE Group Training Sessions

During the challenge, all participants will be able to attend the weekly group training sessions on Clapham Common with other members of the challenge. These sessions are designed for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced.(WEEKDAY AND WEEKEND OPTIONS)

Sleep Improvement & Injury Prevention Packs

It is vitally important for your health that you get sufficient rest and recovery, so this pack contains the guidelines you will need to follow to optimise your sleep quality plus access to injury prevention guidelines and video series.

Continual Email Support

We all need a little motivation along the way, sometimes a little encouragement when things get tough, sometimes a good kick up the rear when we are feeling lazy! You will be able to ask any questions and get any advice you need throughout.

Exercise & Training Pack

Exercise will be the part of the challenge that will vary the most among challengers. The guidelines will be suitable for everyone, including beginners, and there will be example sessions and schedules that everyone will be able to try, be it at home, in the park or at the gym.

End of Challenge Celebration

The perfect opportunity to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, the end of challenge celebration will be a great opportunity to relax and socialise with other challengers and to compare your experiences and results.

Looking for something more? Include classes into your package.

Summer is coming..

We all know what it feels like to be at your best. It feels great! The feeling of having no aches and pains, feeling physically in shape and moving well, having clarity of thought and buckets full of energy. To a large extent most of us know what we should be doing to get to that point..BUT IT IS NOT ALWAYS EASY TO DO IT!

That is where The May Challenge comes in. What better way to get yourself fit, healthy and resilient than to take the month of May to focus on achieving these things in time for summer.

We will give you the resources you need to increase your health and energy levels; to improve your fitness and physical levels and to move better reducing your chances of injury and pain. Accept the challenge, set your goals and use the month to start thriving!

Your goal?..

This will be personal to you. Maybe you want to lose some body fat, or maybe gain some muscle mass or strength? Maybe you want to get rid of the food cravings and improve your food intake? Maybe you want to feel less stiff and abolish the regular aches and pains you feel? Maybe you just want to feel more energetic again and see a less tired version of you in the mirror each morning?!

Maybe you want all the above?!..

Whatever your aim, follow the steps below and we guarantee you will work towards achieving your goals. Although we encourage everyone to embrace all the elements of our approach, the beauty is you can use the challenge to change what you want, for example improved nutrition for the month.

Plus, you will get a personalised challenge plan. At the beginning of the challenge we will send you a goal descriptor questionnaire which will allow the Thrive team to give you extra, individualised guidance on which areas you should concentrate your efforts.

Step by Step Method

Set your Goals

We all have different goals when it comes to our health and fitness, whether they are to lose some pounds, get stronger, have more energy or to just feel like you used to! The beauty of this challenge is that you get to choose what your goals are. We are more than happy to discuss this with you- but the choice is yours. Once you have this sorted, we will help you form a plan for the month and we highly recommend that you take some measurements- a photo, some measurements or just some notes about how you feel etc- this will really help you to see how far you will have come during the month! We will have an add-on to our packages where you can book to have all your measurements taken at the start and at the end of the challenge- the ultimate way to track your progress!

Select your Package

Depending on your goals and how much you wish to get out of the challenge we have different packages available, the details are set out below. Everyone taking part in the challenge will get access to all the information and action packs but if you feel you want that little extra when it comes to exercise and motivation then either the Classy or Advanced Packages may be for you, respectively giving you access to either small group training sessions at Hub or to classes plus 1:1 personal training sessions.

Or if you are looking for the ultimate health & fitness change, then the Total Package will be for you, which not only includes the group training and personal training but also weekly massage sessions and fortnightly nutritional consultations.Whichever you choose we will ensure you have the necessary tools to achieve your goals this October.

Embrace the Challenge and Thrive!

Your goals are set. Your package is selected. Your plan in place. The time has come to accept the challenge you have set yourself. If you are serious about wanting to make the change and challenge yourself, and if you use the guidance and exercise routines, you will achieve your goals. THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX OR A GIMMICK. This will take some dedication and effort and at times a lot of will-power. We know that if you are up for the challenge you will feel more energetic, see positive physical changes, feel less aches and pains and move better and feel better in whatever you choose to do. Time to thrive!

Packages Available for The May Challenge

Ready for the Challenge?..